Why do You Need a Real Estate Agent Anyway? 

 March 1, 2020

By  Lora Keller

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Beautiful South Florida Estate HomeAre you getting ready to buy a home, sell your home, or both? Then you probably have also found yourself asking “Why can’t I just sell my home on my own?” or “Maybe I’ll just check out some listings online”. Buying as well as selling a home is a difficult task to say the least.

Sure you can consult with an agent or even get some advice from friends or family who have gone through the process themselves. The real problem in doing this is that there are many steps in the home buying and selling process that can be challenging when trying to accomplish it without an expert there to help you along the way.

So even though it might seem like a very enticing idea to buy or sell your home yourself to save some money there are definitely some major concerns with trying to do so. That is why most people opt to have a certified real estate agent help them through the process.

Why do I Need a Real Estate Agent in Florida?

Not just in Florida but in pretty much every state across the United States, hiring a real estate agent when buying or selling your home is the smartest decision to make. Sure there are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a real estate agent, however, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Access to Insider Information

Real estate agents have access to information that the general public does not. When looking at home buying and selling sites everything can start to look cloudy and feel confusing. That’s what makes a realtor’s knowledge so important to you.

Agents don’t just rely on websites and the internet to get their information. Most agents are interconnected and know one another. This is what helps give them access to other agents clients, listings, and other information, well before properties are listed online.

So if you are selling your home this could help you to schedule walkthroughs and receive offers much more quickly. If you are an investor and are wondering what is arv for some local properties, your realtor may have pocket listings that are not on the market that can help you determine the after repair value easily. If you are buying a home this is a great advantage to help you find and put an offer down on the perfect home before everyone else in the area gets the chance to also put in offers.

Competitive Market Analysis Vs Certified AppraisalsSelling Your Home With a Listing Agent

Most anyone can tell you that selling your home is no easy task. There is a lot of prep work and paperwork involved. That is why having an expert help you through the process step by step is so crucial for more reasons than one.

Real estate agents are well versed in what steps you must take and in which order you should take them, not to mention special cases. What were your plans for the home, where is the home is located, or is the property an investment property? All of these things and more can affect how you should move forward with selling the property.

Also, don’t forget the little things. An agent has an ethical code of conduct that they must abide by while involved with any property, person, or sale. This means that it is their sworn duty to help you to sell your property for the most that you can while being completely honest to both parties involved.

This is why an agent is so important. They are there to help you, be it with helping you to better understand the value of your home as well as making sure that your home is properly prepared to sell.

Negotiations while closing on the house also tend to run a lot smoother with an agent on your side. Knowing what to say and how to deal with possible buyers will help you to not only sell your home more quickly but it’s been proven that agents actually help you sell your home for more than if you were to sell it on your own.

When the market is down and it is more difficult to attract buyers, a real estate agent knows how to draw attention. Either by doing small renovations, or even just by staging your home.

Buying a Home with an Agent

A buyer’s agent has one job and one job only. That job is to put the buyer’s needs before anything else. They will help you look for a home that fits your financial needs as well as your families needs. Going over what features and areas that are important to you will help your buyer’s agent better find what homes to show you and where to look for them.

Buying a home on your own might seem simple enough, however, having an agent by your side can help keep you from dealing with serious issues such as fraud. Let’s be honest, buying a home is more important than any other purchase that most people will make.

It’s that level of importance that is why having someone who’s been trained, certified and experienced with these types of purchases and what to watch out for can help save you from making the largest financial mistake of your life.

Finding a Dual Agent

Not everyone knows but not all agents do the same thing. Some real estate agents work primarily with one type of customer. That is why there are listing agents (who works for the home seller) and a buying agent (who works with a home buyer).

Most commonly you will see what are called dual agents. These real estate agents are able to help both a buyer and a seller. This is honestly more common and honestly better for most people to work with. It’s easier to use a dual agent because typically when someone is buying a new home they are also in the market to sell their old one. Being able to use the same agent in both cases makes the process a little easier and more comfortable.

Just remember when looking for a real estate agent, finding a dual agent is best.

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Lora Keller


Lora Keller 

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