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Looking for an appraisal expert? Are you getting ready to sell your home, buy a home, or just wanting to refinance? Receiving an appraisal isn’t necessarily the most exciting part of selling or buying a home...but it should be.

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During the home buying and selling process, there are plenty of exciting and fun aspects like going to open houses or getting ready for the big move. Most of the time an appraisal is considered to be a necessity that you must complete for your mortgage lender. 

However, an appraisal is more important than most people think. Our certified Tampa property appraiser knows exactly how important your home appraisal is. The mortgage lender requires an appraisal to assess just how much your mortgage loan will need to be. 

What if you finally find your dream home. But you find out that the asking price is close to your maximum pre-approved loan amount. You will need to have the property appraised. It is stressful going through the waiting process to see if the appraisal will come in higher than you were expecting.

If you are getting ready to sell your home it is just as stressful going through the appraisal process. Waiting to see what the true valuation of your home will be is nerve-wracking. 

What if you have gone through the entire sales process and are going through the closing process and find out that your home was appraised for less than you expected. You could lose a lot of money on the sale of your home or even have buyers back out of a sale completely. 

We understand just how important your appraisal is. We also understand how important an accurate appraisal is especially when your mortgage loan is potentially on the line. One mistake or bad judgment call could result in you losing out on the home of your dreams or buyers backing out.

Here at R.E Appraisal Associates, we understand how life-changing something as simple as an appraisal can be. That is why we go the extra mile to make sure that your appraisal is completed quickly with 100% accuracy. 

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Not sure what an appraisal will cost? We are so sure that you will be super happy with our appraisal process and report that we want to offer you a free appraisal estimate. 

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What We Offer:

At R.E Appraisal Associates we offer two different ways in which you can conduct your property appraisal. 


An in-home appraisal is the most common type of appraisal that we offer and is just what it sounds like. Our Tampa property appraiser will come to the home and conduct the appraisal in person. 

They will need access to every part of the home including all main areas of the home as well as storage areas like closets. They will need to document everything by taking pictures around the home to look back upon while they complete the appraisal report. 


This is just like a standard appraisal with one main difference. Instead of us coming to your home and conducting a walk-through we will conduct our home walk-through with you virtually using video. 

Virtual appraisals are a great idea for individuals but for those who are busy or just prefer to conduct the appraisal virtually. 

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