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10 Counties in Our Appraisal Service Area

Hillsborough is by far the largest county in our service area with almost 1.5 million residents. Hillsbourough County is filled with all sorts of smaller cities and communities including the very popular Tampa. The homes here range in value pretty drastically so location means everything.

Pinellas County is the second most populated county within our service area at just shy of 1 million residents. Pinellas County has some incredible beaches as well as islands to explore. 

Lee County comes in at number 3 with just over 750,000 residents calling this area home. Lee County is also located right on the coast with plenty of beaches, islands, and water. 

Polk County is another one of our appraisal service areas. It is by far the largest area that we service in Southwest Florida.

Pasco County is also located on the coast just above Hillsborough County. It is on the coast with plenty of beaches and fresh seafood. A great place to live here in Southwest Florida. 

Sarasota County is another popular area that we service. 

Manatee County is located on the coast and is named after the incredible marine mammal.

Charlotte isn’t the largest county in the area but it is located on the coast in a prime area. There are several barrier islands that make the area here truly stunning and special. 

DeSoto County is a smaller county inland from the coast. It is still located within a short driving distance to nearby beaches. 

Hardee County is another county that we service that is inland. 

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