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Looking to buy or sell your home in Southwest Florida? We get it. Moving to be closer to family and friends, for a new job, or even just because you have always wanted to live in Florida.

Southwest Florida is an incredible and special part of our great state. There is nowhere else like it. That is why so many people want to live here.

If you are looking for property in the area, our expert Sarasota Springs property appraiser is the perfect person to help you appraise your dream home.

Lora Keller of RE Appraisals Appraising an Estate Home

R.E. Appraisal Associates: We Are Your Sarasota Springs Property Appraiser

We understand how much pressure you are under when moving. Uprooting your life, transitioning to a new area/home, getting reacquainted with neighbors, friends, not to mention the entire process of buying a new house and selling your old one.

It is a lot of work and is stressful for pretty much everyone. Filing paperwork, signing contracts, scheduling inspections, looking through listings, setting up open houses, preparing your home to move, packing everything up, timing the move just right, negotiating with buyers and sellers, not to mention the bank.

There is so much to be done. We get it. We see it every day. As a property appraisal company, we talk with homeowners going through this process every single day.

That is why we have made it our goal to help you achieve some peace of mind throughout this entire process. Your appraisal and the appraisal process shouldn’t cause you more stress.

Here at R.E. Appraisal Associates, our job is to make your life a little bit easier. We do this in several different ways.

First, we make sure that the scheduling process is easy. And we offer both in-person and virtual appraisals so that no matter how busy your schedule is, we can get your appraisal done quickly.

Second, we pride ourselves on accuracy. When you are talking about serious high ticket sales like properties, an accurate appraisal is crucial. We leave no stone unturned and document everything in our appraisal report.

Thirdly, we care. We care about all of our clients and we want to help everyone as they go through the process of finding their forever home.

Free Quote? We Got You Covered

We want to show you just how much we care by providing you with a free online quote for what your appraisal will cost you. You don’t need to promise us you will use our appraisal service. We won’t bug you about making an appointment or anything of the sort. 

Simply, we want to offer you a quick and easy way to find out what your property appraisal will cost. That’s it. No tricks, no promises, nothing. 

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Our Quick and Easy Appraisal Services

To help better serve all of our clients we provide two different options when it comes to our appraisal services. In-home and online walkthroughs. 

In-Home Walkthrough

An in-home walkthrough is what most people think of as a standard home appraisal. You will simply schedule an appointment with our Sarasota Springs property appraiser and they will come to the property. 

They will then take a look around the outside of the property as well as the inside of the property. In order to accurately appraise the property, our appraisal expert may need access to different parts of the home. 

This can include all rooms, storage areas, and even outdoor sheds, boathouses, and things of that nature. 

It is also very common for the appraiser to take pictures while examining the property so they can look back on them later when finishing up their final report.

Virtual Walkthrough

Now, a virtual walkthrough is very similar to a standard in-home walkthrough with one key difference. Instead of being at the property in person, they will view the home virtually via video call. 

You will then simply walk around the property showing them everything that they need and ask to see. This process will be exactly the same as it would be if the appraiser was there in person.

If you want to learn more about the appraisal process, how virtual appraisals work, or if you simply want to schedule an appraisal, give us a call at (941) 743-3700.

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