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Are you looking to buy, sell, or refinance your home? No matter what the reason is we can help you with a detailed appraisal report. Our certified Port Charlotte Property Appraiser has been working here in Southwest Florida for over 15 years. 

When going through the home buying, selling, or refinancing processes waiting is so stressful. That is why we offer not only incredibly accurate appraisals but also a quick turnaround time. 

Most other home appraisers can take up to a week to provide you with your appraisal report. After the online or home visit we will provide you with your appraisal report in just 2 to 3 business days.

Lora Keller of RE Appraisals Appraising an Estate Home

Why Choose R.E. as Your Port Charlotte Property Appraiser?

So why should you choose us as your property appraiser? Simply put, we care. We care about our clients. Our team works hard and is dedicated to making sure that our clients are happy, comfortable, and receive the most accurate appraisal for the current market. 

Port Charlotte is just one of the areas that we service in Charlotte County Florida. We provide appraisals to counties all over the Southwest Florida area so that we can help as many people possible receive the best appraisal possible. 

Free No Obligation Quotes

We are so confident that you will be so happy with our appraisal service that we will provide you with a 100% free no obligation quote today. Simply click the link and fill out the information you can as accurately as you can and we will calcualte and provide you with your free quote. It is that easy. 

Our Appraisal Service

In-home Appraisals

We offer quick and easy in-home appraisal visits. Our appraisal expert will come to the property and do a walk-through. They will evaluate the condition of the home and surrounding property all while taking pictures. These pictures are simply to document the current condition so that our appraisal expert can look back at them while finalizing their appraisal report.

Online Appraisals

We also care about our clients comfortability. We understand that some of our clients aren’t going to want to do an in-home appraisal visit. That is why we offer virtual appraisals that are conducted all online. Without ever needing to step foot into your home we can accurately appraise your home. Instead of seeing your home in person we will schedule a virtual tour of the home and ask you to take pictures around the property. Once we receive all of the pictures needed to accurately appraise your home we will provide you with an appraisal report in just 2 - 3 days. 

Do you have questions about getting an appraisal? Want to know more about what we can do to help you? For more information on your appraisal needs give us a call today at 941-743-3700.


Are You Also a North Port Property Appraiser?

Yes we are. North Port is in Sarasota County which is another county that we service in the Southwest Florida area. 

Are You Also a Sarasota County Property Appraiser?

Yes. We are also a Sarasota County property appraiser and we service other Southwest Florida counties in the area. 

Where Can I Find Information on Port Charlotte Florida Property Sales Records?

The county clerk office is going to have any property records or information that you need. Here is a link directly to the Charlotte County record and document page on the counties official website. Here you can search for specific records or try to contact the clerk office by email or phone. 

Where Can I Find the Port Charlotte Property Appraiser GIS?

Port Charlotte is found within the county GIS. Here is a link that will take you directly to the GIS you need:

Port Charlotte GIS

Where Can I Do a Property Appraiser Record Search?

Here is the county clerk office that will have all of the record information that you might need. Simply use their site to search for specific records or contact them directly by email or phone.

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