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Are you getting ready to sell your home? Maybe you are buying or refinancing? Whatever the reason is that you need a home appraisal, we can help you! Our Polk County Property Appraiser has been working in Polk and the surrounding Southwest Florida counties for over 15 years.

We know what it takes to provide the most accurate and timely appraisals for your needs. Our office provides our clients with home appraisals for residential properties. We help with appraisals for those who are buying a home, selling a home, refinancing, estates, probates and other home appraisals of that nature. We do not handle property tax appraisals.

Lora Keller of RE Appraisals Appraising an Estate Home

Why Choose R.E. as Your Polk County Property Appraiser?

We are in the business of caring. We care about efficiency, we care about the details, and most of all we care about our clients. That is why our appraisal team works as hard as we do to provide top quality service to every single one of our clients. 


Because we are so confident in our ability to provide you with incredible service we offer all of our potential clients a 100 % FREE, no obligation quote on their appraisal cost. Click on the link that will take you to the form page. Simply fill out the form and be as detailed as you can. The more accurate you can be with your answers the more accurate the appraisal quote will be. 

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In-Home Appraisal Visit

We offer quick and easy in-home appraisal visits for all of the areas that we service in Southwest Florida. Simply, we will schedule a visit where our certified appraiser will come to the home. They will take a look around the outside of the property as well as the inside and will be taking pictures of everything. That includes storage areas, closets, pantries, and more. This is necessary in order to properly document everything for the appraisal report. 

Online (Virtual) Appraisal Visit

A virtual appraisal is not as difficult as some might think. Simply, we will use a video call to do a virtual walk-through of the home. If you need any help with figuring out how to do a video call we can help walk you through the very simple process. The last part is to just walk around the home taking pictures of everything around the home and then send them to us. We will use the pictures to finish up the final appraisal report. 

We Provide Home Appraisals To The Below Polk County Communities

Here is a list of all of the different areas in Polk County that we service:

  • Auburndale
  • Bartow
  • Davenport
  • Eagle Lake
  • Fort Meade
  • Frostproof
  • Haines City
  • Lake Alfred
  • Lakeland
  • Lake Wales
  • Mulberry
  • Polk City
  • Winter Haven
  • Dundee
  • Hillcrest Heights
  • Lake Hamilton
  • Highland Park
  • Alturas
  • Babson Park
  • Bradley Junction
  • Combee Settlement
  • Crooked Lake Park
  • Crystal Lake
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Four Corners
  • Fuller Heights
  • Fussels Corner
  • Grenelefe
  • Highland City
  • Homeland
  • Inwood
  • Jan Phyl Village
  • Kathleen
  • Lakeland Highlands
  • Loughman
  • Medulla
  • Poinciana
  • Wahneta
  • Waverly
  • Willow Oak
  • Gibsonia
  • Lakeshore
  • Mountain Lake
  • Nalcrest
  • Pittsburg
  • Winston

Here at RE Appraisal Associates, we understand what it takes to provide our clients with excellent service. If you want to learn more about the appraisal process or simply have questions about our residential appraisal service just give us a call at 941-743-3700.


Where Do I Go for a Polk County Tax Assessor Property Search?

If you need to do a property search or find out more about property tax exemptions in Polk County for Tax related issues, you can go to the Polk County Tax Office directly, or you can visit their official Polk County Taxes website.

Where Do I Access the Polk County Assessor GIS?

You can view Polk County plat records and access the Polk County Assessor GIS at

Where Can I Find Polk County Land Records?

Here is a link to the official Polk County Clerk Office here in Florida. You must be careful when searching for Polk County land records. There are other counties named Polk in other states and if you aren’t careful you can end up with misinformation or incorrect records. 

Are You Also a Hillsborough County Property Appraiser?

Yes, we service several counties all over the Southwest Florida Area. If you want to learn more about all of the areas we service here in Florida just click the link. 

What Are the Polk County Property Tax Exemptions?

Here is a website that is all about tax exemptions. Take a look at all of the different property tax exemptions that you might be entitled to:

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