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Are you looking to buy or sell your home? Maybe you plan to do both?

It doesn’t matter if you are moving for family or a new job or just need more space. We understand that no matter what the reason is, moving is a lot to handle.

That is why our Manasota Key property appraiser team is here to make the transition a little easier. Taking the stress of an appraisal off of your plate by providing our clients with quick, accurate appraisals is what we do best.

Lora Keller of RE Appraisals Appraising an Estate Home

R.E. Appraisals: Your Manasota Key Property Appraiser

The truth is that if you are getting ready to buy a home, you are most likely going to also be selling a home. If this is the case, then you need to consider a few things because the process of buying and selling homes at the same time is stressful, to say the least. 

That is why we want to help you with your appraisal. Here at R.E. Appraisal Associates, we understand how stressful this all can be. 

The paperwork, the cleaning, the boxing up everything, storage units, appointments, inspections, negotiations, open houses, and that is all just for selling your home. Not to mention everything else that goes with buying a home at the same time. 

Then you need to worry about your work, your family, your friends. Managing all of those things is enough to overwhelm anyone. 

That is why we aim to reduce your stress. Our expert Manasota Key property appraiser will be ready to help you with a simple phone call and appointment. Working around your schedule is what we do just to go that extra mile. 

Not to mention how quickly, and accurately we are with providing you your appraisal report. We not only double check our appraisal reports for accuracy, but we also ensure that you will receive them in just a few business days. 

No need to stress out about waiting for your appraisal report. 

Completely Free Appraisal Quote

Another way that we strive to provide you with only the best is by offering everyone a free appraisal quote. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no obligation to use our appraisal services after receiving your quote.

All you need to do is click on the link and answer the questions. Just remember the more accurate you are with your answers the more accurate your appraisal quote will be. So click the link below to find out your appraisal quote. 

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Our Appraisal Services in Manasota Key Florida

One of the ways that we better serve our clients is by offering multiple types of appraisal services. 

Standard Property Appraisal

Our standard property appraisal service is just like any other in-home appraisal service. We will schedule an appointment with you and then our Manasota Key property appraiser will come out to the property to take a look around.

Depending on the type of house or property we will need to take pictures or notes to look back on when finalizing our appraisal report. This is very normal. We will also need access to every part of the property if we are to provide you with an accurate appraisal report. 

Once the appraisal walkthrough is complete you can expect your appraisal report to come back in just a few days. 

Easy Online Property Appraisal 

The other option that we provide for our clients is an online appraisal. An online appraisal is simply done via a virtual video call. We will still schedule an appointment to meet on video chat. Then we will have you conduct the walkthrough virtually. 

We will still need to see around the entire property including all rooms, storage areas, etc. Then once the appraisal is finished you will receive your finalized appraisal report in just a few days. 

If you want to learn more about the appraisal process or would like to schedule an appointment just give us a call at (941) 743-3700

Obtaining your certified property appraisal is just one click away!

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