Luxury Kitchen Upgrades To Increase Your Home’s Value 

 April 26, 2022

By  Lora Keller

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Renovation and updating are a fairly normal part of the home selling process. You can always sell your home “As Is”. But if you really want to get your money’s worth out of your house, updating a few things is definitely the way to go. 

And what room in the house is more important than the kitchen? Even if you don’t have enough money to remodel all that you would like to, the kitchen is going to be the number one selling point of the house. 

So let’s talk about what luxury kitchen upgrades will increase your home’s value and help you sell even in the most competitive of markets. 

Let’s Talk Cabinets

Your cabinets are truly like the face of the kitchen. They are going to be what most potential buyers see first when looking at the kitchen. 

So your cabinets need to be on point if you want buyers to be impressed. If they are looking a little old, out of date, or just unimpressive there are a few things you can do to bring them back into the “now”.

The first and most expensive choice is going to be ripping out those old cabinets and putting in some new ones. And if they are starting to fall apart or if you are planning to change the kitchen layout, ripping out the cabinets is really your only choice. 

However, maybe you aren’t planning to change the layout and the cabinets. If they are in fairly good condition structurally you might be able to get away with simply replacing the cabinet doors. 

Updating the cabinet doors is a great way to get that modern look without the hefty price tag. 

But what if the cabinet doors look fine? They are just old and outdated? 

Get some paint and slap it on there! That is only an expression, don’t actually slap it on. But a fresh coat of paint can absolutely transform your cabinets and is a fairly cheap kitchen upgrade that will increase your home’s value dramatically. 

Not to mention, you can paint them yourself. Take a look at our quick and easy guide to painting your own kitchen cabinets to see if it is a DIY project you would like to do. 

Don’t forget the pulls and knobs. Finding sleek modern handles to replace the old ones is the final touch that will really help to change the look. 

What About the Countertops?

Countertops are a fun part of the remodeling process. But do you even need new countertops in your kitchen?

Newly renovated countertops are an enticing selling point that will draw in buyers. However, if your current counters are in great shape you can probably get away with leaving them as is. As long as you aren’t planning to change the layout of the kitchen. 

Now, if your counters look great but are very outdated then you still should consider having them updated. The counters are a major selling point of the kitchen. 

If you do want to update your counters, what should you choose? You want to make sure to use a material that is currently popular and one that is durable. You can even choose multiple types by using one material for the counters and another for the island. 

It all depends on the aesthetic you are going for. 

Do you want something plain and simple or are you looking for something with color or design? Remember to keep the overall look you are going for in mind. 

Countertop Materials

Granite quartz and marble have been the classic “go-to” materials for a long time and laminate counters are considered the most cost-effective choice. However, there are other materials that are much more popular options now that you will see in many high-end kitchens. 

Concrete counters and wood counters are very popular and have a really modern look to them.



Granite has been a very popular choice for the last 50 years and there are many reasons for that. Granite is incredibly beautiful and comes in so many different colors that you can use it in pretty much any kitchen design. 

Durability is another huge selling point when it comes to granite. It is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and even heat-resistant making it ideal for any home. The only downside to granite is that it does require some maintenance. 

If you want your granite countertops to last you need to stay away from harsh chemicals and sealing your granite counters every so often will help to extend their life. 

Granite counters are not only beautiful but also practical for long-term use. That is why granite has become such a staple in luxury kitchens and that is why granite is a luxury kitchen upgrade that will increase your home’s value instantly. 


Quartz is considered an even more luxurious material compared to granite because of the price and benefits it offers. 

Not everyone knows this but quartz is a man-made material. It is engineered to be more durable and to be less porous, making it stain-resistant and maintenance-free. And because it is man-made you can find it in every color and variation available. 

So it doesn’t matter what your kitchen design is, you can find the perfect quartz countertop match for your new luxury kitchen. Quartz will take any simple kitchen renovation and increase your home’s market value in no time.  


Marble counters are less expensive than quartz and granite, however, they are stunning. Marble has a specific look to it that many homeowners love and can be fairly difficult to try to replicate. 

However, marble isn’t as popular because it is more difficult to maintain. You need to seal it more frequently to prevent stains and even then it can be difficult to prevent stains. That is why it is not as popular of a material to use for countertops as others. 


Butcher block

The wooden butcher block material is a modern look for countertops that has gained in popularity over the years even though butcher blocks have been around since the 1800s. 

They aren’t as durable as quartz or granite counters and are not heat resistant. However, they provide a completely unforgettable look and are a favorite for many modern home designs. They do require maintenance in the form of sealing and oil to help prevent drying out and will begin to collect stains and scratches over time. 

However, they come in pretty much any wood variety that you can think of and can be refinished in any way you’d like. They are less expensive than other options and will last many many years if they are well maintained. 


Concrete is currently a very popular option for countertops in modern luxury kitchens. Many people hear concrete and think that it is an inexpensive option. However, concrete countertops are not easy to install and aren’t cheap either. 

They are up in the luxury category with quartz and granite. Concrete does need to be sealed every once in a while but is great for most kitchens because of its durability. It is a long-lasting material that can be made to fit any kitchen. 

It is also scratch-resistant and heat resistant. If you are looking for something with a modern or industrial look, concrete is a definite contender and will increase your home’s market value and will transform your kitchen. 



When it comes to your countertops, laminate has long been the go-to for budget-conscious homeowners. And it’s easy to understand why. Laminate is a fraction of the cost of other high-end options. 

But with the advantage of a lower price tag, comes sacrifices like durability. Laminate is nowhere near as durable as other options. It can burn or melt when exposed to high levels of heat, and it shows cuts and scratches very easily. 

That’s why laminate is considered a budget option and won’t necessarily help increase the value of your kitchen. 

Image of a modern gas stove countertop

New Appliances

If you are getting ready to sell your home, kitchen appliances are a great way to get a homebuyer’s attention. A shiny new stove, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave are major selling points for any kitchen. 

No one wants outdated appliances in their kitchen. Everyone wants their appliances to be reliable. Especially if they are moving into a new home. 

Now, just because you update all the appliances doesn’t mean that your home’s value will dramatically increase. Kitchen appliances mostly attract the attention of buyers and help the kitchen look beautiful (which most home buyers are looking for).

And don’t forget to check out some other ways to renovate and increase the value of your home. 

The Kitchen Sink

Think about when you should save and when you should splurge a little on your kitchen upgrade. The sink is definitely one of the areas of your kitchen that you can splurge a little. 

But what to choose? There are so many different options when it comes to sinks. Do you want a single basin or a double basin? Do you want stainless steel or porcelain? Do you want a farmhouse style or drop-in?

The biggest thing that you need to keep in mind is your overall kitchen style. Make sure that the choices you make will work cohesively with the rest of the kitchen. 

So, let’s talk about some sinks.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular sink materials. They are inexpensive and have the same modern look most major kitchen appliances do. 

They are also pretty sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to rust. So for many homeowners, a stainless steel sink is the simple and easy option to go with. 


Fireclay is another pretty common material used for kitchen sinks. They tend to come in a plain white color which makes them perfect for almost any kitchen and are very durable as well. 

This includes being resistant to scratches as well as stains. They are super easy to clean and if treated well will last a very long time. 

Really, the only downside is how expensive they can be. However, they are well worth the cost. 


Stone sinks include all different types of stone. Quartz, marble, granite. All stone sinks tend to have the same benefits. 

Their hard stone surface makes them resilient against scratches and heat. Marble can be more difficult to clean and keep stain-free. 

However, quartz and granite don’t tend to have that issue that is as long as they have been sealed properly and are taken care of over the years. 


Copper is an expensive sink material and it’s easy to see why. Any luxury kitchen upgrade should seriously consider this gorgeous and popular kitchen material. The gorgeous color, the rustic finish, and the durability are all major benefits of a copper sink. 

Not only that, but copper is actually an antimicrobial material. It actually keeps bacteria from growing in your sink which is a major benefit. Really the only downside to copper is the hefty price tag. 

But a copper sink is sure to help increase the value and wow factor of your kitchen.

Lora Keller


Lora Keller 

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