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RE Appraisal Associates of SWFL, Inc.

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Get a discounted full-service listing through our affiliation with REMAX.

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Get your FULL appraisal fee reimbursed to you at closing.

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Scott Weinberg

Our home was sold within a week and went to settlement on schedule without hiccups. All details were handled by Adam and Lora who stayed in touch and kept us abreast of all situations. We would recommend the Keller team to anyone who wants to sell their home.

- Client in North port, FL

Laurie Vick-Hughes

When I contacted the Lora Keller team in order to register my house to sale in a matter of two hours Lora herself called me back to assure me that she will help me. She went the following day visiting the house and gave me her advise about what I should do to make the house attractive, We even talked about the asking price of the house. I followed her recommendations and in a matter of one month the house was sold. As I live in New York I did not even travel in Florida for the closing. Lora helped me just to receive my check in the mail. Thank you very, very much Lora.

- Client in Punta Gorda, FL

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