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Looking for a Charlotte County property appraiser? Whether you are looking to refinance, buying or selling a home, or if you are just looking for an accurate valuation of your property, RE Appraisals can help you obtain the most accurate certified residential property appraisal in Charlotte County. 

With over 15 years of experience appraising properties in Charlotte County and in the Southwest Florida area, we have helped thousands of homeowners and homebuyers just like you. We offer the most accurate, timely, and affordable property appraisals in Charlotte County.

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Why Choose Us as Your Charlotte County Property Appraiser?

At RE Appraisal Associates of SWFL, INC. our goal is to provide our clients with the best every time. We will provide you with a completely FREE, no obligation quote of what your property appraisal will cost. 

When we conduct an appraisal we will come to the property and walk-through the home while documenting anything important. We also offer a virtual appraisal option. Using the online appraisal we will do a virtual walk-through of the home and use pictures to accurately evaluate the property. A virtual appraisal is a great option for our clients. 

We will also use information that we research online about property lines, recent renovations or additions, and upgrades done to the property. The process will take just a short 2 to 3 days and then you will receive the appraisal report with an up to date and accurate valuation of your home. 

At R.E. Appraisal Associates of SWFL, INC., we care about our clients. That is why we provide free no obligation appraisal quotes. If you want to get an instant online quote click here or call us at (941) 743-3700.

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Where Can I Find Charlotte County Property Sales Records?

If you are looking for sales records, tax information, general information, building information, land improvement, or legal information on a property in Charlotte County check out this website. This website will help you find all sorts of information on any property and is updated everyday. It will help you find the most up to date information on residential properties in Charlotte County.  

Can I Use the Charlotte County Property Appraiser GIS to View Property Lines?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is used to take, process, and display data according to positions on the earth kind of like a grid. Within the grid you can zoom in and look at property lines for any property in Charlotte County. The Charlotte County property appraiser GIS is available for even you to use. 

Where Can I Find a Charlotte County Tax Deed Sale?

Taxes that have not been paid become delinquent as of April 1st every year. By June 1st if the tax certificate has still yet to be paid they are then auctioned off to the highest bidder. You can find more information about tax deed sales in Charlotte County at the clerk office website. 

Where Can I Find Charlotte County Property Survey Information?

You can find more information about property survey on the Charlotte County Government Portal website. You can also use this website to find out more property information on homes in the area.  

Where Do I Find Info About Charlotte County Plat Search?

Finding information on plats of land is fairly easy with the GIS website. This is a great resource to help you find info on land and property lines in Charlotte County. 

How to Do a Property Appraiser Record Search

Go to this website and fill out as much information about the property that you can. The more information you fill out the better. Then the search will return all the information on the property that is publicly available. Property lines, rough outline of the home, any renovations or additions, tax information, and more. 

Are You Also a Sarasota County Property Appraiser?

Yes, we service most areas all throughout Southwest Florida.

Are You Also a Lee County Property Appraiser?

Yes, we also service Lee County and many of the other counties all around Southwest Florida.

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