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A home appraisal isn’t something that most people think about when buying or selling a home. The most exciting part is house hunting and finding that new dream home or forever home.

However, an appraisal is arguably the most important part of the home buying and selling process. So you need a Cape Coral property appraiser in Lee County that you can trust to give you a fair and accurate property appraisal.

Lora Keller of RE Appraisals Appraising an Estate Home

Your Cape Coral Property Appraiser

Here at R.E Appraisal Associates, we understand the struggle you are dealing with when trying to buy or sell a home. Selling, buying, and uprooting your entire life to start somewhere new is just as exciting and it is equally stressful. 

It is one of the most exhausting processes that a person can take on. And your property appraisal has the potential to make or break a home sale. 

Let’s say that you were pre approved for a mortgage loan of $200,000. Then while you are house hunting you find the home of your dreams and it is listed at $195,000. 

After working through negotiations and getting ready to close the sale the Cape Coral property appraiser values the home at $215,000 because the neighborhood is on the rise. Your mortgage lender won’t budge on your loan and the sellers don’t want to come down. 

All of a sudden your dream home is out of reach leaving you and your family completely heartbroken. 

But what if the property appraiser mis-valued the property and gave it an appraised value higher than what it is actually worth? 

This is just one example of why a property appraisal is so important. And most of all, why finding a Cape Coral property appraiser you can trust to provide an accurate is crucial when buying or selling your home. 

Free Appraisal Quotes

Not sure what an appraisal is going to cost you? We can help.

We provide 100% completely free and no obligation appraisal quotes to anyone who wants one. Just use our appraisal calculator to receive your free estimate. 

Just answer the questions to the best of your ability (and remember the more accurately you can answer the questions the more accurate your quote will be).

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Our Expert Appraisal Services

We offer two different appraisal services that our clients can choose from that will work best for them and their schedule. 

Online Appraisals 

We offer online appraisals for all of our clients who want one. The online appraisal process is very similar to our in person appraisal process with only one main difference. It is all conducted virtually.

Our appraisal expert will set up a time to do a virtual walk-through of the home with you at whatever time is most convenient for you. 

Home Appraisals

Our in-person appraisal process is pretty simple. We will schedule a time with you for our appraisal expert to come out to walk around the property and through the home. 

They will need to see everything including closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even storage areas like attics, sheds, or boat houses.

Picture taking is a normal part of the appraisal process and is there for the appraiser to look back on while finalizing the appraisal report. 

If you would like to know more about the appraisal process, have any questions, or want to ask about scheduling an appointment please give us a call at (941) 743-3700. We would love to help you with any questions or concerns you might have completely obligation free.

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