What Buyers Love

Posted September 26th, 2016

If you’re thinking about selling your home, and have already had an appraisal done, the next step is to put it out on the market. This can be a confusing and frustrating time. You may have the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, but if it doesn’t meet certain standards, your house may be on the market for quite some time.

There are a few sure things that buyers love. The first is that sellers love a house when it “feels” like home. In fact, many businesses make their living off of renting out furniture for staged homes. It can be a little expensive to stage your home, but it is often worth it. Sure, your kitchen might not be the biggest, but they won’t get over how huge the living room was and how nicely that sectional fit. Or maybe your backyard doesn’t have a pool, but the basement is finished and has room for two couches, a pool table, and a storage area. Get the idea? They do.

Buying a house, even if it isn’t the buyer’s first home, is an emotional experience, and they like to see themselves in it, a year, two, or even ten years down the road. This is why Ikea does so well (if you’ve ever been, you know what we’re talking about.) Buyers want to see themselves, not you, as nice as you might be. So those family pictures down the stairwell, that couch you love because it’s so comfy but from the 90’s, and the smell of pine trees may not be as wonderful for them as it is for you.
Now, that being said, this is not a cure all. Staging your house does not mean it will sell, but that it will have a better chance at making a good first impression. Because, as they say, everyone remembers the first impression. So if you’ve got a good appraisal and a great home, why not do it a favor and take it out to the beauty parlor for its big day? Think of the first time you bought the house. Happy selling.