Relocation Appraisals

Posted August 25th, 2016

Thousands of people every year move with their job, whether as a requirement or for a better position in the company. With this change in task force trends, the need has arisen for some updates in the appraisal industry. Especially for those who are moving.

Many companies now provide relocation appraisals which are often more detailed and time-consuming so that both the client (the company) and the transferee can relocate without much hassle. Unlike a normal home appraisal, a relocation appraisal weighs the anticipated sales price, not a market value.

The report, then, requires a wide range of research, analysis, and determination of the prospective analysis. The advantage of a relocation appraisal is an expanded market for clients and workers. If you would like more specific knowledge about relocation appraisals or to see if this is a good fit for your business, call R.E. Appraisers today at  941-743-3700.