Improve your appraisal

Posted February 20th, 2018

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be costly and sometimes you will end up just shy or recouping the cost or the remodel when you sell. Some of the best ways to improve your appraisal are not remodeling projects but minor updates which can be low cost.

Lighting fixture styles come and go and usually don’t last more than a decade or so. Updating your fixtures and maintaining upkeep on the electrical elements involved can give you a substantial return on your investment. Fixtures are an  inexpensive and stylish way to keep your home’s cosmetic and functional value consistent and can help boost your appraisal valuation.

Energy efficient appliances can be costly, as can energy efficient windows and the addition of solar panels, however, they can save you money in the long run which is attractive to both appraisers and potential buyers. The possibility of saving money every year because of the installation of these products could be the deciding factor for an appraiser’s valuation.

Buying a whole new set of cabinets for a kitchen can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary. Sometimes one of the best ways to boost your appraisal is to simply re-finish, re-stain or re-paint your kitchen cabinets, so long as they are in good condition. As was the case with light fixtures, updating the stain and installing new cabinet handles or knobs can give you a substantial return on an inexpensive investment.

Landscaping can be an effective appraisal booster but it can also be the most difficult and varies on the region. Re-sodding patches of your lawn where the grass has browned and died can improve the aesthetic aspect of your home but also requires a lot of hard work. Additionally, planting shrubs and plants that are not likely to grow in your region can have the opposite of the desired effect on your valuation.