3 Painting Tips to Sell Your Home Faster and for More 

 September 4, 2021

By  Lora Keller

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Are you getting ready to sell your home? Right now the real estate market is hot with buyers who are looking for a home. So if you are ready to sell your home, now is the time to start thinking about preparing your home to sell. 

Painting your house before selling is a common practice for many home sellers. So we have come up with some easy painting tips to sell your home faster and for more money. 

Why Should You Paint Before Selling?

When selling your home you want to make sure to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers who come to view your house. And you want the impression you make to be a good one. 

There are so many different ways that you can help spruce up your home. But the easiest and most cost-effective way is to paint. A fresh coat of paint is a simple and quick way to make your home look new again. 

And most homebuyers don’t want to buy a home that they need to do a ton of work on before they move in. 

Tip 1: Appeal to All

The biggest tip that we can give you is to remember you are not painting this house to your taste. So that means no crazy color schemes and you don’t want any particular type of theme to be portrayed through the colors you choose. 

It might have always been your dream to have a gothic-style home or a home with a beach vibe, however, that is not going to work well for potential buyers. You can’t predict what type of taste a buyer will have or what they will want out of the home. 

That is why you need to pick colors that are very neutral and that appeal to all. This will make your property much more versatile and allow potential buyers to actually see the house as a place they could call home. 

Take a look at some colors that are currently popular and remember above all to pick out a color that is subtle. The color should be just dark enough so the trim around the floor, ceiling, and windows will pop but not so dark that the rooms feel small. 

Pick something simple that will complement the other colors in the house like the flooring and kitchen cabinets. Usually a beige or grey color works best when trying to sell. 

Tip 2: Paint the Cabinets

One of the best ways to increase the appeal of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets is by far our favorite painting tip to sell your home faster and for more while on a budget.

There are plenty of kitchens that still have woodgrain cabinets. This is a big turn-off for potential buyers. Woodgrain cabinets are outdated and will immediately make your kitchen look old and stuffy. 

Even if your kitchen cabinets are already painted, giving them a fresh coat will make them look bright and clean. But how do you choose what color to paint?

Again, this is not meant to be your chance to finally be an interior decorator. Remember to pick something simple and minimalist. Colors like white, creams or light greys are very popular and will make the cabinets look brand new. 

Accompanied with some new hardware like knobs or handles, your cabinets will be looking clean and modern in no time. This is by far the easiest way to update your kitchen and increase buyer appeal.

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Tip 3: Remember the Roof, Brick, and Door

When you decide to paint the exterior of your home you need to consider a few things. Number one, think about the houses around you. You want to paint your home so that it looks modern and updated but you still want it to stand out from other homes on your street. 

Try to pick a color that is different from the homes around you or at least one that the majority of homes aren’t painted. 

Also, you need to remember to consider your style of home as well as the other features. You want to consider the color of the roof you have as well as the color of brick (if you have brick). Finding a color that will complement the other features of your house is going to be important. 

(Bonus Tip)

A common painting rule is the 60/30/10 rule. This means to use 60 percent the dominant color, 30 percent a secondary color, and then 10 percent for an accent. So when picking out your paint color, consider what color will be more dominant (the brick or the painted siding).

Typically with brick homes, the brick will be the dominant color. That means you need to look at the paint as your secondary color and will need to pick a color that will complement the brick best. 

And don’t forget the most important part of the front of your house. The front door. An easy way to make your front door look clean and fresh is either by painting it or getting a new door (if needed). 

Picking a door color can be difficult. You want something that will stand out and match the house at the same time. The easiest decision is to use the trim color to paint the front door. This is a neutral way to achieve a more cohesive look. 

Many homeowners will pick colors that stand out more and for a front door many colors can be considered “neutral”. Black, grey, and white are common neutral colors however when it comes to your front door so are reds, blues, and greens. 

No matter what color pallet you decide to go with, just remember to keep things simple and research some popular neutral color schemes before you go off choosing colors. These easy painting tips will help you to sell your home faster and increase the value of your property when selling your home. 

Lora Keller


Lora Keller 

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