3 Easy Painting Renovations You Can Do Without Leaving Your House! 

 April 19, 2020

By  Lora Keller

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Renovating Your Southwest Florida RoofEveryone who owns a home understands that our busy day to day lives can distract us and keep us from doing things that need to get done. At the end of a long hard day, we all would like to sit on the couch and relax and worry about our long list of chores later.

Have you been putting off work around the house and now have some free time on your hands? Then it sounds like right now would be the perfect time to start to tackle some home renovations that can actually increase the value of your property and spruce up your home.

Easy and Cheap Painting Renovations That You Can Do

When looking at renovations the initial idea can be a little intimidating. That is why we have come up with an easy list of renovations and improvements that you can do yourself for under 100 dollars.

1. Painting the Interior

The very first home renovation is painting! This is because painting can be done on the cheap but yields a high return when it comes to adding value to your property. In order to paint your home you will need several things, some of which you might already have:

  • Paint
  • Drop cloths or tarps
  • Paint roller
  • Extra paint roller heads
  • Edge brush
  • Paint trays
  • Painters tape
  • Step ladder

Most homeowners already own a ladder or step stool of some kind. The same goes for tarps. Really the only items you will need are paint, painters tape, trays, and brushes.

Market Value In Southwest Florida

Making sure to research what the best colors of paint are before you buy them are going to be essential. Once you have decided what type and color of paint you want to use you can either go pick up your supplies from the store or simply order everything online and have them delivered right to your front door.

Remember to watch a few youtube videos on how to properly prep and paint your walls before you begin. This can even help give you ideas on adding accent walls or what types of colors to use.

Even if you aren’t ready to paint the entire interior of your house keep in mind that you can always pick and choose small things here and there. Maybe look at just painting your kitchen and the bathrooms first and worry about the other rooms later. Small steps here and there can help make a huge difference.

2. Painting the Exterior

Painting the exterior of your house can help dramatically add value to your home, however, an exterior paint job can cost you more than the interior. There are several tips and tricks that you can use that will help add value and up the curb appeal to your home.

First, before looking at painting the exterior try to simply clean the siding. Using a pressure washer on the lowest setting should be more than enough to help bring your siding back to its former glory.

Second, if you aren’t looking to completely repaint the exterior of your home then you can simply repaint bits and pieces. Repainting the front door to a nice and bold color that compliments the color of the rest of the house is always a great idea and can really attract some attention.

Also, look at possibly repainting the trim or accents in either a similar or new bold color. A simple trim touch up can also make your home look fresh.

If trying to power wash the siding of your home does not work then it might just be time to paint the entire thing. Stucco is honestly the most popular siding option in Florida, however, it does come with some drawbacks because it is susceptible to moss and mildew.

Before trying to repaint stucco you need to clean it really well. Once it is clean and any cracks have been caulked it should be ready to paint. One of the great things about stucco is how easy it is to paint on your own. But you will also want to remember to use a matte paint finish. This part is very important to help hide any imperfections in the stucco and also helps give the stucco a nice clean finish.

Small Kitchen Remodel3. Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to simple renovations kitchens can be tricky. Yet, renovating your kitchen is one of the best choices when looking at increasing the market value to your home.

For most homeowners undergoing a large project like a kitchen remodel is too much work and stressful to even think about. There are other things you can do to spruce up your kitchen instead of going through the hassle of an entire renovation or remodel.

One simple project that almost anyone can complete is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets can take your old drab cabinets and give them a fresh new look that is really enticing. It is truly shocking that a simple paint job can make your kitchen look newer and more modern.

Before committing to a specific color you will definitely want to check out some paint swatches to make sure that whatever you choose will go well with other features in your kitchen such as the backsplash and the counters.

Also, consider updating the cabinet knobs, handles, or pulls to a more modern style. Because your cabinets are the focal point of your entire kitchen updating them will make the entire room feel like new.

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Lora Keller


Lora Keller 

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